Oracle and Design Tech High School

Ground-up High-Tech Design School

Oracle teamed with a local Design-Tech charter high school to develop this building. The building is intended to house high school classrooms both in a traditional classroom and in open collaborative spaces. In addition to these spaces, there was a need for several chemistry, biology and woodworking labs.

The diverse nature of the building allowed units to be sized for 80% diversity to save energy, space on the roof, and reduce both first and operating costs. A single boiler with redundant pumps were used to provide heat to the building.

Sound was of particular concern to the school, so SVM worked with an acoustical engineer to design five custom sound attenuators for the rooftop ductwork. The layout of the building drove the need for multiple duct risers, which in turn forced the need for the custom sound attenuation.

Smoke management systems were added to the design per a city request during construction. SVM worked with the general contractor and a smoke control designer to develop a cost-effective solution to integrate this system to a building with previously completed design elements.

Redwood City, CA

XL Construction

64,000 SF


SVBJ, Best Education Project, Sustainable San Mateo County, Green Building Award, Gold Nugget, Merit Award, Best Education Project