Stratford Charter School
Stratford Charter School
Stratford Charter School
Stratford Charter School

Stratford School

New Ground-up Charter School

SVM was selected as the mechanical contractor for Stratford School’s first ground-up school. The heating and cooling loads of this 56,000 SF campus are served by a Daikin variable refrigerant volume (VRV) system with heat recovery. Ventilation is provided by Greenheck energy recover ventilators (ERV).

The VRV system consisted of 51 fan coils, 13 branch selector boxes, and 3 condensing units. The system is very efficient with high IEER numbers and the ability to recover energy when simultaneous fan coils are in heating and cooling.

Adding to the overall efficiency of the mechanical system are the ERV units. Powered supply air and exhaust air are driven through energy recovery wheels which absorb waste heat in the winter and waste cooling in the summer. This helps to temper the ventilation air before it enters the building.

The ERV fans are variable speed. As more classroom CO2 sensors call for ventilation, the ERV fan speeds increase. As CO2 levels drop, ERV fan speeds taper off. Overall, this is a very efficient mechanical system. This system is a model for schools seeking highly efficient mechanical systems and energy savings. Systems of this type are also good candidates for office and mixed occupancy spaces.

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