Plumbing & Process Piping

We specialize in a variety of Plumbing and Processing Piping Projects from New Construction, Tennant Improvements, Retro-fits, Design-Build, Microelectronics, Medical Facilities to Biotech labs. Utilizing the latest methods of detailing and coordination our use of 3-D modeling and clash detection software saves countless hours in the field and ensures the project schedule will be met. Our Project Managers are involved from the beginning to end of the project- communicating with the field on a daily basis using Project Collaboration tools. All detailers have years of valuable field experience which provides firsthand knowledge of how a job should be drawn and built. We are a Union contractor and all plumber & fitters are signatory to 393, 342 & 467 Local Unions. SVM will install using the latest methods of technology that will fit any facilities specific Plumbing and Process-Piping requirements.

Our team has extensive experience with the following Plumbing-Piping systems:

  • Water and air cooled central plants
  • Chilled water
  • Condenser water
  • Heating hot water
  • Refrigeration systems
  • Radiant flooring systems
  • Specialty Gas systems including:
    • Argon
    • Helium
    • Gaseous nitrogen
    • Vacuum
    • Clean dry air
    • LN2