Sheet Metal Fabrication

Ductwork is the core of all HVAC systems and our well-trained Union sheet metal mechanics can tackle the most complex of the duct systems and install a state of the art, energy-efficient, duct distribution systems. The results of proper design and installation are reduced operating costs and a system that is easy to balance and simple to maintain. Included in this division is our specialty construction group that can design and build any special material duct systems such as FRP, Stainless Steel, PVC and a variety of coated ductwork. Most of our mechanics are certified welders and we can custom design and construct any grease exhaust system. We follow SMACNA guidelines for the construction and installation of all of our projects to ensure the highest level of quality and safety is met.

Our union detailers all have firsthand field experience which allows them produce drawings that guarantee the systems will be installed quickly and accurately. Working with our engineering department 3-D detailing is becoming a standard in the industry and we pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve.