System Controls

Energy Management is something that is top of mind as building owners are faced with how to reduce costs while ensuring cost-efficient and comfortable buildings. Silicon Valley Mechanical is dedicated to helping you implement successful energy management strategies without sacrificing comfort. Some of the energy management functions include: demand limiting, load rolling, duty cycling, optimal start/stop, night setback, free cooling economizer and central plant optimization.

Silicon Valley Mechanical facility management can significantly impact the performance of people, equipment and processes. Employees who are safe, comfortable and who can control their environments can better focus on the job at hand. Building and industrial equipment that runs efficiently without downtime means higher productivity. Silicon Valley Mechanical will ensure comfort through proper building system maintenance and service strategies. In fact, we’ll guarantee temperature and comfort levels. We’ll also implement maintenance strategies for manufacturing equipment and process environments to meet your uptime requirements. All focused on producing a workplace that delivers results.

In critical environments, there’s no time for downtime. Any downtime in mission critical activities is unacceptable. Productivity and profits suffer. We’ll work with you to identify and support those activities and then develop ongoing strategies to guarantee uptime. Silicon Valley Mechanical has the technology and expertise to ensure environments like clean rooms, data centers and labs are maintained according to exact specifications. We offer remote monitoring of all of your critical systems and environments. In short, we’ll make sure that those systems and equipment that must stay up will stay up.

Graphics are the main method of viewing the control system. Graphics show building status at a glance and allow the operator to move through the system just like walking through the building. You can also use the graphics to change setpoints and override equipment operation.

Today’s building owners are particularly concerned about maintaining and documenting indoor air quality (IAQ). Temperature, humidity and ventilation airflow control are integral to good IAQ. These criteria require effective management both at the equipment and the building control levels.

These systems provide affordable building control for light commercial buildings. The system controller communicates with packaged HVAC equipment, zone controllers and auxiliary control points, creating a complete DDC control system. Each system has additional capacity and features for different building and system needs. A building operator can run the control system from either the local keypad or from a personal computer. The operator is provided with building management information and control on-site or from a remote location.

Tracer Summit controls a building’s climate, lighting and other controllable devices, creating an Integrated Comfort(tm) system. The PC Workstation is the primary operator interface for the Tracer Summit system. Extensive usability testing incorporated into the design of the product makes the Tracer Summit PC Workstation software easy to use.

The Metasys building automation system uses industry-leading technology to provide information that helps you manage buildings more efficiently. Metasys can help you decrease maintenance and utility costs while increasing occupant productivity and streamlining operations. And with the newly patented Data Visualization technology, operator productivity can be increased.

This feature provides the ability to operate your building automation system from any PC using a Web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. The Web Server accesses real-time system data from the control system and sends it to the Web browser interface. This allows access to system information from within a facility or from a remote location anywhere in the world using a Web browser rather than the control system software.

This is the heartbeat of our mechanical installations. After we professionally install all of the various components of the mechanical system, we will custom design and install the proper controls to accurately measure and maintain the designed set points of living environments. Our controls department has successfully completed installations where we have maintained living environments to within (±.75°F and ±2%R.H)

  • In-house programming and burn-in of all DDC panels on the bench at our shop to insure the proper operation at start-up
  • Our start-Up mechanics will perform the installation, maintenance service and troubleshooting
  • Diversity: We install and maintain more than one specific controls manufacturer
  • We can troubleshoot most installations from remote locations