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Project Specs

PROJECT: Google | YouTube

CAPACITY: 6 Story Low Rise
GC: GCI General Contractors

By the use of integrated design process SVM and the rest of the construction team was able to produce construction documents at the same issuance of permit drawings shortening the schedule by nearly 4 weeks. Google, as a leader in energy and environmental awareness, chose to replace the existing evaporative cooled DX system with a custom HuntAir air handler with Fanwall 2.0 technology and high efficiency air cooled chillers. The perimeter heating system was also removed and a hot water reheat system was installed with aggressive reset strategies to avoid as much reheat as possible.

HuntAir Fanwall 2.0
In addition to providing control selections to optimize the operating performance of FANWALL systems include the FANWALL backdraft damper, dedicated variable frequency drives, the Coplanar Silencer and incremental horsepower motors which play an integral role in system optimization controls and/or enable control requirements to be met while minimizing trade-offs.