Project Profile: Samsung

Project Specs

LOCATION: Mountain View, CA
CAPACITY: Two – 6 Story Low Rise
GC: Devcon Construction

Working with GLUMAC as an engineering partner in a design assist capacity allowed SVM to successfully install this multi story building which consisted mostly of underfloor VAV distribution. An integrated use of BIM coordination allowed for the fast installation of ductwork and piping ahead of all other trades without compromising electrical and data pathways. The project also included a full service café, security opera3ons center and a high density server room with raised floor and custom fully redundant air handlers.

Underfloor VAV

This type of air system utilizes a raised access floor which acts as the airway between VAV boxes and diffusers which are located at every occupant. The diffusers discharge the conditioned air at floor level and directly into the occupied zone. After induced mixing, the air picks up heat and pollutants from the space and natural confection carries the warm polluted air to the ceiling where its returned to the air handling system. This delivery method allows for warmer supply air temperatures therefore allowing for more economizing hours.