Project Profiles: SG04

Project Specs

SG04 Central Plant & Test Labs
LOCATION: Sunnyvale, CA
CAPACITY: 1000-Ton N+1 Redundant Chilled Water Plant with Process Cooling System
GC: Devcon Construction

As the design-build HVAC contractor, SVM worked closely with the client and GC project team on design, fabrication and installation of a central HVAC utility system that could provide flexible and reliable cooling for a variety of high density test labs. SVM engineers selected a water-cooled chilled water system for primary cooling, consisting of (2) primary 500-ton chillers, a fully redundant chiller, matching cooling towers and a water-side economizer heat exchanger for free tower cooling when conditions are suitable. The chilled water system also serves a 200-ton process cooling water loop to provide heat rejection for owner testing equipment.

The building air distribution system is Variable Air Volume (VAV) with hot water reheat, consisting of (3) primary and (1) fully redundant 45,000 cfm chilled water air handling units. Supply air distribution and process cooling water loops are installed around the center core of the building allowing for current and future lab users to locate their high density labs anywhere in the building with the assurance that fully redundant cooling is available.

SVM’s design and construction team was able to complete this complex project within a very fast-paced 12 week construction schedule in order to meet the owner’s needs for fully functional product testing space.