1255 Pear

1255 Pear Avenue

5-Story Tenant Improvement

SVM was brought on as the design-build HVAC contractor to work closely with the project team from both the client side and Vance Brown Builders. Our goal was to utilize the existing (5) 90-ton units installed as part of the shell system to provide HVAC for 5 floors of mostly general office space. Specialty areas include a 1st floor café, 1st floor high density meeting area, and IDF rooms on floor 2-5. The project was coordinated in Revit before fabrication started in the field to identify & fix major areas of conflict before they came up on site.

The building air distribution system is Variable Air Volume (VAV) with hot water reheat. Café systems are served by (2) grease exhaust fans, (1) vapor exhaust fan, and a dedicated make up air unit with evaporative cooling and gas heat. The shafts for the café were fully coordinated in Revit to ensure they were not in conflict with existing structural and electrical infrastructure. IDF rooms are planned to be served with a dry cooler system, complete with N+1 fans, N+1 pumps, and a cooling only VAV to serve the room during normal operation.

SVM’s construction team is on schedule to complete this project within a fast-paced construction schedule due to set backs imposed during the Mountain View permitting process.

Mountain View, CA

Vance Brown Builders

156,000 SF
5 Stories