HVAC Construction

At the core of every building / facility you’ll find complex HVAC and Plumbing Systems, with our office and fabrication shop expanding to over 130,000 SF SVM is ready for any project. From inception to close-out, our Project Managers are integral to the design process, working side-by-side with the General Contractor, Architect, and building owner to ensure a seamless and successful outcome for each project. Working closely with our in-house engineering department, all systems are designed and fabricated to code, following SMACNA and MCA guidelines. Along with our engineering team, our union detailers have firsthand field experience, allowing them to produce detailed drawings that result in the accurate and efficient installation of systems. Our experienced Union Mechanics fabricate and install state-of-the-art, energy-efficient HVAC systems. Included in this division is our specialty construction department that can design and build any special material duct system(s) such as FRP, stainless steel, PVC and a variety of coated ductwork. As a direct result of proper design and installation our clients benefit from reduced operating costs and systems that are easily balanced and simple to maintain.

With our highly integrated BIM team, SVM is well-equipped to prefabricate and stage the fabricated materials well in advance of project installation. Our design team ensures the use of building information modeling (BIM) early in the preconstruction phase, allowing the modeling effort to be focused on creating value by resolving conflicts and enabling efficiencies through early and open collaboration between the owner / developer, contractor, architect, various specialty design disciplines, and various project stakeholders. Generating these drawing sets early enables us to increase our use of prefabrication and modular construction technology; which creates a more budget friendly and true to schedule project outcome for our clients.

Integral to every HVAC system is energy management and the ability to operate in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Silicon Valley Mechanical is dedicated to helping you implement successful energy management strategies without sacrificing comfort. We understand that downtime is costly, therefore we have the most up-to-date technology to allow our team to quickly diagnose and respond to your building and user needs.

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