Ryan Wall PE

Ryan Wall, PE

Born and raised in Santa Clara County, in an environment surrounded by construction, building, and problem solving, Ryan was taught the ins-and-outs of construction, building a home in Aptos for his uncle doing everything from tying rebar, building decks, hanging trusses to just moving dirt around. Now, the CEO and Partner at SVM, Ryan is most proud of following in the footsteps of his step-dad and being part of the construction industry. After graduating with a mechanical engineering degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Ryan worked for a short time at Lockheed Martin before specializing in design-build construction.

Ryan has a specific focus on creating a company culture that others can thrive in. From hiring, setting standards and building out the office environment he has helped cultivate an open and collaborative atmosphere within the office and continues to look for ways to improve everyone’s working environment.

To Ryan, life is all about the experience with the people he loves; outside of SVM, you’ll typically find him on some sort of adventure with his wife and daughter.

A note from Ryan:

“We are only as good as the people we employ. The Partners and I strive to ensure our employees are happy and well-trained, so your projects are executed in a proficient and professional manner.”