Confidential Data Center
Confidential Data Center
Confidential Data Center

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AC 2 / Data Center and Parking Garage

Designed to accommodate 12,000 employees, along with a fitness center, auditorium, transit center, and among other amenities, the R&D, testing workshop facilities, and server data center of Phase 2 complement the 2.8M SF “Spaceship” Ring. SVM worked on the first building of phase 2, a five-story parking structure providing an additional 620 vehicle spaces as well as a 32,000 SF data center located in its basement.

SVM worked quickly to design the chiller plant along with the back-of-house office areas to serve the 2MW data center load to ensure its completion before the rest of phase 2 commenced. The data hall is conditioned by 18 CRAH units, 2 chillers, 2 double cell cooling towers, in a water side economizer arrangement. Complete with a separate 30T VRF system to cool the server closets on each floor of the garage allowing the office area in the basement to be conditioned and have smaller remote servers to be cooled on each floor of the garage.

Cupertino, CA

BN Builders

32,000 SF Data Center